Sunday, March 25, 2012


     Through my youtube channel, I met a Korean pharmacy student who wanted some help with English.  I ended up tutoring him a bit online while he spent a few months in Canada.  Before he went to Canada, I visited him in Busan (No! We did not lodge together!).  He helped me make some of the pictures here.  Not only that, but before he went home for the night, he visited many motels and checked the rooms and prices before before he allowed me to stay in one.  He met me the next day.  While doing our venturing, we put away a LOT of food.  That was back in early 2010.

     I don't remember what this dish is called, but I do remember that it had bits of octopus in it, and that it was delicious. 

          From the top of Busan tower, that's what I saw of Busan's port.

He got a kick out of using my camera.

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