Sunday, March 25, 2012


     During my first trip to Daejeon, my goal was to go there, walk around, and come back home.  I found that Daejeon was typical, in some ways, to most Korean cities I've visited -- same brand name shops, businesses, and restaurants (much like in the USA), street foods, advertizing taped to the walkway, and everything seems to die down after sunset.

Actually, there might be more going on underground than on the ground.

The food was delicious!
See how the total amount is rounded off?  I liked that.
I left a tip.  Would you believe one of the servers chased me for about a block or so to give the money back to me.  He thought I had left it there accidentally.  I told him it was for a tip to be shared with the serving staff.
I was still new in Korea and wasn't accustomed to not tipping servers. 

At the Italian eatery below, they made all the pasta and bread on sight.
They baked pizza in that stone oven.
A bit pricey, but delicious.

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