Monday, March 26, 2012

Prayer Mountain

     A few days after my first visit to Yoido Full Gospel Church, I decided to return and catch one of their buses to their Prayer Mountain, which is located in Paju.  It is equipped with motels and cafeterias, and makes a perfect, serene, get-away-from-it-all place of solitude (my kind of place from time to time.).

     I had some time to spare before the next bus, so I walked through a nearby park.

The bus ride was comfortable.

 After arriving, I check into one of Prayer Mountain's Motels.  The cost was about 20,000 wons.

Pictured below are prayer chambers.  They were well attended while I was there.  Campus security keeps them monitored for safety. 
There are several chapels on the campus.  Crosses like this one can be seen all over South Korea.
 Prayer meetings ... every two hours from early morning until late at night.

      The lady who wrote this book founded "Prayer Mountain."  She and her son in law, the Reverend David Cho, founded Yoido Full Gospel Church.  She was one of the many who fled North Korea back in the day....

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