Monday, March 26, 2012


      A viewer of my Youtube channel is from Yeongcheon, but he was attending college in Gwangju at the time.  He contacted me and ended up inviting me to visit and attend church with him and his girl friend.  I didn't see much of Gwangju, but I enjoyed the trip and the going to church nonetheless.

   Some people call them Korean Pancakes.  I know them as Hoddeok.  Basically, their unkneaded yeast cakes stuffed with brown sugar before placed and flattened on the grill.  I think they smell especially delicious on a cold day, and they go very well with coffee.

      Bu dae Jigae is pictured above.  I have called it a hobo stew made of canned meat, kimchi, vegetables and ramyeon noodles.  "Bu dae" refers to "military."  "Jigae" refers to stew.  This stew has it origins on military bases where soldier brought canned meats and whatever to add to the pot.  Delicious! and very popular.

      After church, we were invited to stay for lunch at the church.

     The eleven o'clock service was all in Korea, but later (after lunch) there was an English church time.  Only a small group met, but after the meeting we all enjoyed the dinner pictured below.

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