Monday, March 26, 2012

Yoido Full Gospel Church

     Since the late 1970's I had heard about the church, and it's founder, who meet inside this building.  Finally, after a couple years in South Korea, I made a trip to Yoido just to visit a Sunday worship service.

     I arrived in the area on the night before.  I decided to locate the church building and make my plan for getting there.  I slept at a motel in Jongno, because I never located a Korean motel in the area near this church building.


      After the church meeting, I walked around Yoido a bit.

      That tall building is called "63 Building."  Look it up on Google.

 Can you see Seoul Tower back there?

 That's a floating stage.

 The building with the green dome is the National Assembly Building.

 Can you see Seoul Tower back there?

Before heading back home....

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