Sunday, March 25, 2012

The first time I ever sucked a snail.

     They were tiny, were crunchy, and felt like a little chewable bee bee in my mouth.  Wasn't bad, but I never did figure out what make them so special.  Not much taste to em.

     The restaurant featured Japanese styled food.  I hadn't been (still am not) a fan of raw fish (It's just a so-so thing with me.).  Still it was a nic occasion.

     As is so common with Korean dinner parties, after we were finished here, we went across to a pub where a lot more food was ordered.  It was at that pub where I saw my first bar fight ever.  This one was complete with kick boxing, overturned tables, broken dishes, and food scattered all over the floor.  We left shortly after the fight broke out.

The food pictured below is what we worked on at the pub until the fight broke out.

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